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A native of Cape Breton Island, Marla Dominey grew up in the small coastal town of Louisbourg, the last stop on the Trans-Canada Highway. She left the island in her early twenties to live on the mainland where she stayed for many years. After a few years residing in Quebec, she now finds herself in southern Ontario. However, her passion has always remained with her home province. "Nothing beats the ocean, the salt air and the terrain of evergreens and moss." MJ brings her experiences growing up next to the sea to her writing and to her visual art.  She has been writing fiction for many years, working on one story or another alongside her paintings of the sea. After many edits, Through the Elephant Ears has finally come to fruition. In the future MJ hopes to return to Nova Scotia and her love, the ocean.


Through the Elephant Ears

January 29, 2021

Surrounded by poverty, depression, alcoholism and small-town jealousies, Kat must navigate through adolescence towards a brighter future without being crushed by the darkness that never seems to relent. This collection of fourteen short stories follows Kat through significant life events: relationships, underage drinking, and teenage pregnancy, as well as some not-so-typical occurrences.

Kat views life through the eyes of someone much older, and as she experiences life-altering guilt, immoral misconduct by adults, the first pangs of love and a glimpse of the outside world, she becomes more cynical than her young years should allow.

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"I feel bad for the crows on this cold February morning. I watch them from the bathroom window, as I stand on the back of the tub and grip the edge of the splintery, brown windowsill. The crows fly from the trees to the ground and back again, sometimes landing on the frozen pond behind our house. No one has cleared the snow away and their tiny bird feet leave stickman prints on the surface.
I look over to our neighbours’ house. I’m not sure what I expect to see. Death has not changed it on the outside. The house does not mourn or shroud itself in blackness, it does not collapse to the ground and cry to God how unfair He is, how utterly unfair life is. The house is just a house." -excerpt from Birds in Through the Elephant Ears

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