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The Lord is my Shepherd

Paradise is the most religious of the stories and by religious I mean it has more references to religion than any of the others. Set in a Catholic church camp, it is here that Kat means Stacey for the first time. From the start they are polar opposites. Kat is quiet and reserved, Stacey bold and outgoing. Their subsequent adventure leaves Kat with more than she bargained for.

I built this story around the Sunday school scene as that was something I remember from my days of attending Sunday school though I can't remember who exactly told the story at the time, and I'm fairly certain that story ended my Sunday school days as well. But this story is not about one religion verses another, it is about human nature, good and bad, it is about curiosity, it is about what influences our decisions and it is about the consequences of those decisions, real or imagined.

Photo by Nick Linnen on Unsplash

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