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From Away

The story New Girl, the third in the collection, was published in the literary magazine Carte Blanche (#29) in Montreal. Adrianne is Kat's first glimpse into the outside world. She envies her clothes, her lifestyle, her confidence and her freedom. Adrianne is everything Kat wants to be and a major influence in her choices later in life. I remember myself as a kid. I wanted to be anyone else, live anywhere else. The thought of moving was so thrilling, the thought of reinventing myself was a constant desire. Now, of course, I would do anything to have that lifestyle back, the ocean, the fresh fish, the terrain of pine and spruce trees, the hills and weirdly the moss and I have accepted who I am as a person. This story is about envy, and desire and working towards your true self.

Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash

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