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Why I Paint

Artist's Statement

My return to art has been one of happenstance. Despite having canvas and paint at any given time in my life, painting got sidelined as life got in the way. Although, I had painted before, my previous experience was mostly within the field of graphic art and print ads. From the inspirational ocean coastlines and forests of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, I journeyed up the Gulf of St. Lawrence into the “fleuve” to the historic city of Quebec, and finally made my way along the St. Lawrence Seaway and into the Great Lakes to my current location, the beautiful Niagara region. With these experiences I continue to paint what I love most, water and trees. Stormy seas and rippled lakes are inspiration enough for any artist, however, add the reticent personality of a tree or the intoxicating solitude of a forest and the choices are endless.

Simplicity in design and application appeals to me. I always start with a colour combination that is more felt than seen, and working wet on wet with a palette knife I create the background first.  My palette is usually limited and texture a priority. Acrylic paint is my preference because I am patient and yet impatient, meaning I will work endlessly to get the painting just the way I want it, but I have no patience for waiting for the paint to dry.

Not only do I want my art to catch your eye, I also want you to feel something. I always say, “Trees are life, and water is home.” I believe everyone wants to be close to water, whether that is a lake or ocean, or surrounded by trees in an aromatic pine forest.  We love the smell, the sound, the way the waves make us feel, the way the trees soothe our chaotic souls.  I want to capture that feeling as best as I can with my paintings. If you can explain why you like it then I have been successful and if you can’t, then I have been successful as well.